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Magical Abilities-Index

Yuuno has abilities to Attack, Defend, Support and do Other things with his magic.

[Please note this is still a work in progress. I know that not all the links work, that's 'cause not everything is written up.]

Magical Abilities-Support

Yuuno's support spells break into three main groups. First, there's healing, next there's binding, and finally there's group efforts.

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BindingCollapse )

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It's Lonely When You Walk Alone

It was late and he was tired. He worked hard to fill his days. Practice, train, read while you recovered, work on the Device plans, study the magic available to the Nobodies. Try and make friends with people. Friends are good, they make you, you.

He'd got ready to go to sleep. He'd checked the supply of (warded) meals, the protections on his notes, the computer, the door and the bed. He'd shooed the lesser Nobodies out of the room pointing out (again) that he'd be safer when he could let the protections fry anyone breaking into the room and not have to make an exception for them. He'd changed into his pajamas and crawled under the covers.

Then he hugged his pillow and cried. Quietly.

What was I thinking? I'm not a Device Meister. I know the basics, sure, and there's options here I'd never have seen back home, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't know enough.

A shuddering breath in, then more crying.

I need the Library. I need help.
I miss Nanoha-







I want my backup and a door home. And a hug.

Breath in. Cry.

Repeat until exhaustion wins. In the dark. Alone.
OK folks. Yunno has been testing and crunching numbers and all for the Device building to help the lesser Nobodies.

He has no idea what he's getting himself into. At all.

That aside, this is the post for any of the Nobody muns to bring up points for Device construction for their Nobody or ex-Nobody.

A Few Key Device Notes
1. Devices talk. When they start up they say 'Stand by. Ready.', they call out the name of the attack if the user doesn't most of the time, that sort of thing.
2. Devices usually have some sort of glowing crystal in the structure that displays what it says. The crystal probably figures a fair bit in the appearance of the Device in Storage Mode.
3. Devices change shape. Switching between long range attack and mid-ranged? Shape change! Switching to serious fighting mode? Shape change! In the middle of the fight and everything.
4. Devices vent heat. No really, out of steam vents and everything. Axel might not notice much but everyone else is reminded that after a high power use to keep your hands clear of the searing exhaust.
5. The Device will have a basic AI that improves over time. It will occasionally do things without prompting, usually to protect its wielder. This includes raising magical defenses and honoring bargains. It can also interface with properly equipped computers wirelessly.
6. Photos to follow. Done!
7. More as I think of them or people ask.

[Edit: Photos! Small ones behind the cuts, larger when you click them. These are pulled from the fansubbed opening for Nanoha A's so sorry for the text over everything.]

Nanoha's Device Raising HeartCollapse )

Fate's Device BardicheCollapse )

Hayate's Device The Book of the Night Sky/Book of DarknessCollapse )

Chrono's Device - I think it's Durandal, but it might be S2UCollapse )

Shamal's Klaer WindCollapse )

Vita's Graf EisenCollapse )

Signum's LevantineCollapse )

Go to it folks!

There is a Procedure to These Things...

When you test a new material to see how it might be used in the construction of a Device there are methods. Most of the ones that can be done without another Device are old and rarely used, the equivalent of flint knapping in the twenty-first century. Even the ones that make use of a Device require excellent control and extensive references.

Yunno has no Device, but he's an archeologist, a librarian and a Scrya. He carries more pieces of Mid-Childan magical trivia in his head at ten then most adult mages ever learn. His control will all but hold a barrier against three unofficially S ranked mages without special preparation. He is probably as well equipped as anyone without a specialization could be at doing this sort of work.

Which is why Yunno is down here, in the garage of Milliways, with a bag of synthesis material, a notebook with pencil, some string and a piece of chalk.

The first step was finding an open space large enough. That took a bit of flight to get a better angle to scout at but was done soon enough.

The next was to mark off the edges. Anywhere but Milliways Yunno would be willing to bet that anyone who could break the shielding would be able to handle the backlash, but getting people killed would be bad. So. The string and the chalk were used to scribe out a rough circle before going around it again to write, 'Shielded Area - Do Not Cross' in all the languages he could manage and fill the gaps between them with warning icons.

The material was spread out inside the chalk circle, regularly and without duplicates. That done Yunno made his way to the center and signaled the Ninja in the distance that he meant to do the next part, no really, and there was no need to worry.


Shields for each sample. Shields around himself. Shields around the whole arrangement - samples and mage.
Shields that absorbed. Shields that deflected and channeled. Shields that dampened surges and swings.
Yunno layered shields, linked them together, spaced them and drained the ambient mana from between them for added absorption of magical shocks. New tricks and old tricks were stacked on top of each other. It's not like he was working on a time limit or under fire after all. At the very edge of the circle he grabbed the edges with the barrier spell and twisted.

When the barrier dropped and Yunno pushed himself out of the circle there wasn't much to show the testing. Warm spots on the asphalt, lightly scorched marks at a few points where there were samples before the test, a patch of ice that was already beginning to melt. Already digging through the notes that had been written during the testing Yunno went to get a mop to clean up.

If you just left all the warnings up when there wasn't anything dangerous, then why would anyone pay attention when there was something to avoid?


A note for Wellington

The video begins with Yunno sitting on a stool, in front of a white wall.


"I have told Teja this already, but you should hear it directly from me."

"I will not search for signs of your people. I will not scout for them. I will not ask questions to seek their influence."

"If you wish to visit Mid-Childa, if I gain access to Milliways from a reasonable area, let me know. I will open a path, answer what questions I can and hide you from prying eyes while you're there."

Taking a deep breath, Yunno gathers himself before beginning again.

"There is another thing you should know about me. So you don't run into me unaware, you should know that I can shape shift."

A brights light, tinted green, obscures Yunno as he collapses and folds up. When it clears...

A note for Teja

The video begins with Yunno standing in front of a white wall.


"When we spoke I was needlessly abrupt. For that I apologize. I owe you a debt for clarifying Wellington's position. "

"If he has not picked it up already, I have left a similar message with Bar for him as well."

Yunno looks like he wants to continue, stops himself and tries again.

"Take care of your friends Teja."

Yunno bows, then reaches to the side of the camera before the picture goes dark.
The site was being cleared. One door at a time, one room at a time. Between remaining security systems and the poor maintenance everywhere else it was more a renovation with a side of breaking and entering than a conventional excavation. The potential was tremendous though.

The Endless Step

Inspiration for modern transport magic, an archway said to transport anyone who stepped through it to where they were needed most. Where ever that was. When ever that was.

Far to dangerous to be allowed to shut down without controls in place. Worse yet, in the wrong hands...

Yuuno paused, wiped the sweat from his face and looked down into the courtyard holding the arch. Still far to many rooms to clear before the technicians could reach the Step itself. The suns shifted further, tracing shafts of concentrated sunlight up from the courtyard directly into the overlooking room.

Stumbling backwards to escape the brilliant rays, Yuuno passed through the door.