Yuuno Scrya (ユーノ・スクライア)

Oh Feelings of Mine, Echo and Become Light

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I am the one who gives you this charge: release your power to your contracted master. As the winds fill the sky, and the stars fill the heavens, so shall my heart fill with courage, and my hands with magic! Raising Heart, set up!

Yuuno comes from shortly after things settle down after the climactic battle in Nanoha A's and has just turned ten. (This puts him before the distant finale, let alone StrikerS.)

When tired, injured or otherwise stressed, Yuuno has a tendency to transform into a ferret. It's relaxing.

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Magic in MGLN

Yuuno's Abilities - Magical

Yuuno's Abilities - Mundane



Quick note to KH muns: Yunno channels all of his magic, from his protective Barrier Jacket to Struggle Binds to Healing, through his Heart canonically. Please keep that in mind.

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